Alumni Association MISSION & HISTORY (1997-2015)
We committed to facilitating communication between Waller/Lincoln Park High School and its alumni. By uniting the past with the present and recognizing the bond that all former students share, we hoped to foster past memories and friendships, while creating new ones. Through various publications and mailings, our members were kept informed and invited to participate in various activities and events. As a result of on-going and special fund raising efforts, we rewarded exemplary graduating seniors for their successful academic efforts as they went on to pursue knowledge that would allow them to become contributing citizens of society. In addition, to the extent possible, we endeavored to support certain of the school’s programs.

In early 1997, an Alumni Committee originated as a part of the parent organization Friends of LPHS. Its role was to invite alumni to the April 1999 Waller/Lincoln Park High School Centennial Celebration. This event was hugely successful.
Subsequently, an official Board of Directors was elected in January, 2001; the Waller/LPHS Alumni Association became a recognized 501(c3) non-profit organization. 

A database was established which eventually grew to have addresses for over 12,000 graduates, of whom about 1600 became dues-paying members at least once (many continued to renew yearly). All contacts regularly received the Waller/Lincoln Park Alumni News, which was last published in July, 2015. A total of 33 newsletters were published, 1997-2015.

The Association twice sponsored an all-alumni directory, in 2003 and 2008, containing names of over 28,700 graduates since the founding of Waller High School in 1899. We continued to try to locate many "lost" grads.

All alumni, alumni parents, alumni friends and former staff could join the organization, for mere $20.00 yearly membership fee. This fee supported publication and mailing costs of the Alumni News, as well as other mailings and activities of the Association.
1) providing monetary awards to deserving, needy seniors, to help with college expenses
2) fund raising for the scholarship awards.
3) providing assistance to those who organize reunions of their class.
4) recognizing the many significant contributions of Waller/LPHS alumni to society. 
5) updating information about Waller/LP grads: their whereabouts, status and life activities.
6) sponsored the publication of hardcover directories of graduates (in 2003 and 2008), to facilitate contacts and networking of alumni. 
7) (until 2015) kept updated records in an online directory, with the most up-to-date information about "found" graduates.

PLEASE CONTACT US!! to tell about yourself, your current interests, etc.
Also, please put us in touch with any grads who have been "lost".
We won't know you're out there and interested unless you stay in touch! 
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