Current Board of Directors and Officers
President: Celestine (Price) McGee (1979)
Vice President: Clemente Rodriguez (June 1970)
Acting Recording Secretary: Diane Fritz Peters (Jan. 1955)
Corresponding Secretary: vacant
Beth (Nicol) Lloyd (1958)
Board Members:
A. Mead Gifford (1953)
Phyllis S. Wright (former faculty)
Dorothy McFadden-Parker (1960) Virginia Ann (Nicol) Warnecke (1959)
Shirley (Ilg) Rieck (1953) Glen Washington (1971)
Sam Steele (1974) Dale Peters (Spouse)
Mary Enda Tookey (LPHS faculty)
Additional Volunteers
Database Coordinator: Maretta Jeuland
Database Assistants: Beth (Nicol) Lloyd & Greg Pizza (1955)
Newsletter Editor: vacant
Acting Newsletter Editors: Maretta Jeuland & Rod Randall