Alumni - Sponsored SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS for Seniors, list of Winners
Alumni-sponsored scholarships are given to LPHS college-bound seniors who have shown evidence of need and a combination of 
1) ability, 
2) leadership and character, 
3) service to the school and
4) motivation in overcoming obstacles during their years at LPHS. 

These funds originated because of alumni interest since the school Centennial in 1999 and/or in support of the Alumni Association since it was founded in 2001. 
Past winners are listed below descriptions of each award.

During preparations for the 1999 Centennial, Nancy Stocking, wife of alumnus Warren Stocking (1954), donated $1,000 to the school in his memory, establishing this general Alumni Scholarship Fund. We are most grateful to her for providing the impetus for subsequent awards to help deserving students with college expenses.
Criteria for receiving the award are: academic achievement, service to the school and community, and leadership potential. From 2001 to 2003, $500 awards were given. Since June 2004, awards of $1,000 or more have been given.

William Leaveck Memorial Fund
This award, first awarded in June 2004, is for musically talented students (in the instrumental or vocal music program), in memory of William Leaveck, president of the revived Waller/LPHS Alumni Association from 2001 to 2003. It is awarded when enough funds are available.
PRFC Inc Attlee D. Washington Scholarship
Initiated in 2009 by Glen Washington (class of 1971), Board member, in honor of his father.
Jones Family Scholarship
Initiated in 2011 by Perry Jones (class of 1979), Board member

Neal Ball Award
Given by a former Board member (from the class of 1953) in 2001 and 2002 -- to students who showed ability, leadership and character, service to the school and motivation in overcoming obstacles during their years at LPHS.
Elizabeth & Charles McLean Scholarship Fund
Scholarship of $1,000, funded by Kristina McLean (1989) in honor of her parents, from 2004 to 2006; were presented to graduating seniors planning to pursue studies in a mathematics or science field.
Elizabeth and Charles lived in the Lincoln Park community for over 40 years. They were involved in many community organizations and were strong supporters of Waller/LPHS.
Charles Henry McLean was born in Chicago and grew up in Logan Square. After graduating from Steinmetz High School, he served in the Navy from 1945-48. He enrolled at the University of Illinois at the Navy Pier campus upon returning, and later graduated from the Champaign campus, earning a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He began his career at the Chicago Bureau of Street Traffic, where he met his wife Elizabeth Jackson. Upon marrying, Elizabeth and Charles McLean became the first married licensed engineers in the nation. In 1962, he began a 30-year stint with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), where he oversaw the state highway system in the six-county Chicago region. He played a key role in the development of the Minutemen Patrol (the automated system that notes and broadcasts traffic congestion reports) and in creating the program that lets motorists make free cell phone calls to *999 to report traffic and other problems on the area expressways. After leaving IDOT, he went to work for his wife, Elizabeth, at EJM Engineering, Inc.
Elizabeth Jackson McLean was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, and was the only woman in her class when she worked her way through college. When she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in engineering, less than one percent of the civil engineers in the nation were women. Working for the City of Chicago, she become first deputy commissioner of public works and the first woman to hold such a position in Chicago. After twelve years, she left to form her own engineering consulting firm: EJM Engineering, Inc.

Winners of Alumni-Sponsored Awards since 2001

June 2001
Rachel Hohner
Sheri Lohrman – Neal Ball Award

June 2002
  • Izabella Wolnowska
  • Priscila Limon
  • Daniel Kelly – Neal Ball
  • Bernarda Ballesteros – Neal Ball
June 2003
  • Jing Cui
  • Joanna Foley
  • Marcel Gonzalez
  • Michelle Simpson
June 2004
  • Britanny Thomas
  • Maria Dragoi
  • Cassandra Todd – William Leaveck Award
  • Johnathan Tam – Charles & Elizabeth McLean Scholarship for math/science
June 2005
  • Lafakeria Vaughn
  • Stephanie Meyer
  • Roy Turner
  • Ian Feldman – Charles & Elizabeth McLean Scholarship for math/science
June 2006
  • Crystal Amoah
  • Ada Huang
  • Miguel Magallan
  • Abisola Tepede – Charles & Elizabeth McLean Scholarship
June 2007
  • Jennifer Kovacs
  • Mittie Cowan
  • Francis Quintero
  • George Lau
June 2008
  • Ticara Davis
  • Eva Feldman
  • Topaz McFarlane
  • Ainsley Timmel
June 2009
  • Alan Cowen
  • Briana Morris
  • Duaa Malik
  • Sandra Peters
  • Dane Shubert
  • Tewana Hastings--Attlee D Washington Award
June 2010
  • Josefina Banales
  • Yiwei Gong
  • Karolina Krawczyk
  • Jonathan Chow
  • Levya Vojtovich
  • Ariel Wilson--Attlee D Washington Award
June 2011
  • Adrian Gurgul
  • Hye Kim
  • Edith Liang
  • Nil Oktem
  • Ana Xue
  • Monika Miodragovic--William Leaveck Memorial Award
  • Nailah Walters--Jones Family Scholarship
  • Maurice Bell--Jones Family Scholarship
June 2012
  • Olivia Chung
  • Elad Deiss-Yehiely
  • Medina Spiodic
  • Teri Woodall
  • Lena Wu
  • Ireanna Moore--Attlee D Washington Award
  • Andrea Brown--Jones Family Scholarship
  • Domonique Wilkins--Jones Family Scholarship
June 2013
Jennifer Escobar
Nigel Haran
Tiffany Rojas
Alexandra Williams
Christine Taylor--Atlee D. Washington Award

June 2014
Christian Avina
Christopher Freeman
Ja'Qwan Johnson
Betsania Salgado
Fatih Zecic