Service Learning

All Lincoln Park Students:

Students need 2 Service Learning Credits, plus 15 Individual Hours to graduate. The Service Learning Credits can only be earned through Classroom-based project offered by the teacher.  The individual 15-hours can be earned outside the classroom but they must be approved by the Service Learning Coach prior to a student starting. 

Classrooms – Service learning lends itself to all curricular areas. A teacher may facilitate a project in one of two ways.
  1. The classroom may work on one project together over the course of the school year. (*Please see examples below.) The classroom teacher would be required to complete a project certification form and have it approved by the SL Coach
  2. The teacher assigns a service learning project experience to all students to be completed over the course of the year. Students could work individually or in groups to complete the project.  Students would be responsible for satisfying all criteria of the project.  All projects would be incorporated into classroom practice through, for example presentations, discussions, planning, connecting to course curriculum, assignments, etc.
Extra-curricular Groups – An after school club, team, or organization can guide a service learning project provided that the criteria for a service learning project have been met.  After-school projects would still be expected to meet all classroom expectations.

Service learning sheets are posted below. You need BOTH pages completed to receive a Service Learning Credit
CLICK HERE ----->  Service Learning Sheet
Keep up to date with what is happening as far as independent Service Learning Projects and Clubs you can join.