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Freshman Connection

Incoming freshman interested in Freshman Connection, see application details below.

Freshman Connection is a unique summer program the merges academics and social/emotional learning. Students will:

  • Be offered the opportunity to enhance their readiness for high school by participating in academic classes that will have an engaging, activity-based curriculum and will set them up for success their freshman year

  • Be provided with a school counseling lesson each day that will focus on fundamental skills and information to prepare students for high school.

  • Participate in fun and meaningful team building exercises and field trips that will build meaningful relationships with their peers and the staff in their future high school!

Freshman Connection will help students enter their freshman year with confidence and have an understanding of high school expectations with the end results of higher rates of FOT.

How to help students complete the application (UPDATED DIRECTIONS!)

For Non-CPS Students:

Once students receive a signed permission slip from their parents (or verbal consent), the school counselor(s) should help the student complete their Naviance student application at school.

Parents are having difficulty completing the online application through Naviance at home. It is important that you build out time during the school day to help your students complete this application prior to the deadline on Friday, June 15.

You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please direct any additional questions to the Freshman Connection Coordinator, Nicolette Karl, at